AS207846 (

A UK based network for education and research, run by Eva/Lauren Kelly. Contact noc@ with any questions/comments/concerns/fun emails wondering what on earth I'm doing.

AS207846 is IPv6-first, with limited IPv4-hosted services powering the Kaeru projects to reimplement discontinued game servers and apps.

eduroam visited service

This network participates in eduroam through eduroam UK / Jisc, providing free wireless internet access to visitors from other eduroam members, who happen to come across my premises in Cardiff.

Service is provided on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, using WPA2 Enterprise, under the standard 'eduroam' SSID. There is only one AP, so coverage is naturally very limited, and the precise location of the AP is not published for privacy reasons, but should you find yourself connected to the eduroam service provided by my network, you are most welcome to use it so long as you do not abuse this facility.

Wireless clients are provided with a non-public IPv4 address, and access to the internet is currently through NAT. IPv6 is currently unavailable but deployment is in progress.

For support, contact noc@ this domain name, via email.

For further information about eduroam, visit